Rings of ruby or sapphire –what are you buying?

For ruby rings let us first glance to the main topic of what ruby is. A ruby can better be identifies as the one which comes in blood red to pink colored gemstones which is the mixture of ‘mineral corundum’ or what we call as ‘aluminum oxide’. Its color is the main reason of the chromium element presence within it. The name is a Latin name ‘ruber’ which means red color. Sapphires remain the other variety of corundum gem quality. A ruby, especially ruby ring remains the most precious stones along with the other varieties of diamond, emerald or sapphire.

Primarily the price of a ring gets decided on the type of color that it comes up. Blood red, which is considered as the most brightest as well as valuable, commands almost the biggest premiums in comparison to its other varieties of same quality. Just after the color the very next consideration is clarity. Alike to diamonds, the stone which is a crystal clear will definitely be commanding the premium but the stone ruby not consisting of any kinds of inclusions of rutile of needle-like may be indicated as such is not a natural one or is been treated anyway. Weight (carat) and cut remains one of the most significant factors while making a determination to the price. Ruby remains as one of the most traditional stones for the July born and comes up in pink or light red in comparison to the garnet.

How is the physical property of the stone?

With a hardness of 9.0 Ruby is considered as the alpha alumina that is one of the steadiest forms of Al2O3. When compared with the natural gems such as diamond and moissanite, both stands as the hardest where diamond gets the title of hardest gems with hardness measured as 10.0.

Color remains one of the most important properties which we will be discussing next. Usually all the quality gemstones of corundum coming up in several shades of reds or even pink get considered as rubies. However, in the US, for calling or identifying it as ruby the minimum shade of the stone is an absolute necessary or the gemstone will be considered as pink sapphire. Relatively new is this distinction of a ruby or pink sapphire which have arisen during the 20th century only. If some distinctions are made the line which is separating between the two stones (ruby and sapphire) would not be clear and equally it would be arising a lot of question of how, why or more. And as because of these kinds of subjectiveness and difficulties of these kinds of differences, several trade organizations have decided to make some good evaluation quality and adopted all the definitions which are broader in sense of its effectiveness which will be encompassing the lighter shades of ruby along with the color of pink.

Henceforth if your quest is for some good collections of ruby rings then do take care of its color and don’t mistake in choosing the right gem at the right price.

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