Why You Should Buy a Moonstone Necklace?

The demand for moonstone necklaces is increasing every day. Although predominantly popular in Southeast Asia, the moonstone necklace has recently found its market in some far away countries and continents as well. Apart from necklaces, rings made out of moonstone are also pretty much in demand all across the globe.

Moonstone Necklace Moonstone is famous for its magical shine that keeps changing when you move it from side to side. A moonstone necklace is a beautiful piece of feminine jewelry that looks best when combined with sterling silver. It is believed that moonstone was first discovered in Sri Lanka. In this context, it’s important to mention that stones from Sri Lanka usually emit a shine which is light blue in color. And its background generally stays quite clear. On the other hand, the varieties available in a country like India can be anything from green, orange, brown, or even light brown in color. However, moonstones emitting a beautiful light blue glow have become extremely rare in the market these days. Obviously, for this reason, such variety is much sought after, and jewelry lovers from all over the world are prepared to pay anything for a necklace made out of this special moonstone.

There’s a common belief that moonstones have numerous beneficial effects. According to some of the ancient cultures, moonstones are extremely sacred and also include mystical powers. Even today, the astrologers in some of the Asian countries prescribe a moonstone necklace to get rid of serious problems. On the other hand, there’s a strong belief that wearing a moonstone ring or even an earring can go a long way to protect your love from jealous and evil eyes. Therefore, moonstone jewelry can turn out to be very lucky for those who have fallen in love, or for those who are planning to get married very soon.

Many people believe that moonstones are capable of providing beautiful nighttime dreams. And maybe for this reason, they are still seen as an object that carries the vibrations of peace and harmony. There’s also a common belief that moonstones have the power to influence the human mind in a positive manner. Therefore, wearing a jewelry made out of this stone can strengthen the intuition of the wearer in the long run. Also, by wearing it constantly over a reasonable period, a person can improve his/her thinking power and decision making ability to a great extent. Interestingly, some cultures consider moonstone as a lucky charm for women who are trying hard to get blessed with a child. So, it can be said that moonstone symbolizes sacred love and fertility.

Being sensitive and soft, moonstones need to be handled with utmost care. Therefore, if a moonstone necklace begins to show early signs of wear and tear, take it immediately to an experienced jeweler in order to retain the old shine. Usually, the prices vary based on the transparency level and the color of the stone. So, try to keep this in mind at the time of buying. Best of luck!

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